iTALKonline BLACK FlipMatic Galaxy S2 Case

An essential buy for Galaxy S2 owners!
SD Smart Stand Flip Galaxy S2 Case

When you get a mobile phone these days, it is more often than not used for far more than the mobiles of the last century (sounds ANCIENT already!), which were surprisingly used as telephones, and that was it. The main difference to the home based telephone was that these little (and often not so little) marvels had buttons, an aerial, no cord and worked in a surprising number of locations. Being a pioneer technology though, not everywhere got reception, which was either a curse when you needed it or a blessing when you could park behind a big rock and remain out of contact with work/spouse/family etc.

I mention this because in the early years you only used the mobile to contact someone or to answer someone who is trying to contact you, so they did not get a massive amount of use. Today, however, teenagers will text, update Facebook, text two or three hundred more, and sometimes even speak to each other. The phones have become must-haves, rather than emergency taxi hailers, and consequently, I-Phones, Smart Phone and such have become increasingly more complex and often highly expensive. Those of us on contract have most likely followed the upgrade path, amassing thousands of pounds worth of bricks, slabs, clamshells and candy bars (referring to the style rather than their operation, but there were a few dummies in there over the years). Others will have kept up to date by the wonder of Christmas and birthdays, collecting the latest whilst archiving the previous.

Either way, take out one or two of your old phones, and look at the screen and keys. Scratches, dust and thin films of gunge will avoid you ever being able to confuse it with a new handset, unless you had a screen protector and a good quality case. This brings us (eventually) to the SD Smart Stand Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S2, which I feel is most likely the best smart phone currently available, even flouncing the iPhone range.

The key words in the description are “stand” and “flip”, as this very clever device addresses two of the biggest problems with owning a smartphone, protection and ease of use. The leather-like case is well made, and smart stitching around the edges is to a very high standard. The case surrounds the phone in a portrait (upright) manner, allowing access to camera lens and speaker through perfectly adequate cutouts, and the sides are left clear for access to the buttons. The case is held closed by a magnetic catch, which does not wrap around the top of the phone like other cases, making it easier to operate and much quicker to access. A partly hinged folding rear together with a ridged inner of the front section allows an adjustable rake of angle to stand the phone in portrait mode in order to view slideshows, films or surf the web. The case needs to be open whilst charging, but folding the covering part the other way (over the back) addresses this, allowing the cable to exit at the foot of the phone.

As the folded stand is a triangular form in side view, putting the stand on its side then gives a landscape view suitable for watching films, for example. The Samsung Galaxy SII is a very thin device, but the rear of the phone’s cover seems a little bendy, so I am delighted to report that the area of this case that surrounds the phone back is a little thicker, and hence offers more protection. Slim, stylish and super practical, this cover should be on your “before I scratch it” list. I have not regretted it.

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Buy Today!
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