Magenta 5 Bat Detector Review

Magenta return with the latest in their range of bat detectors.
Magenta 5 Bat Detector

Smooth, sleek and slightly quirky best describes the Magenta 5 Bat Detector. Those looking to enjoy a little outdoor fun and adventure will find this product quite useful. Bats are shy creatures who avoid contact with humans whenever possible. This being the case, a handy device to help locate these elusive creatures proves most welcoming for bath enthusiasts. Its simple design makes this product perfect for beginners and advanced user alike. The small size means this unit can be easily stored and transported. Trying to find a bat's favorite hiding and hunting spot has never been easier or more fun. Trust Magenta to offer simplicity and accuracy in one easy solution.

Most people avoid bats, but some seek them out actively. Why would anyone possibly want to find a bat? Some people seek out and observe bats much like birth watchers seek out their favorite breed of flying animal. Bats have unique and fascinating social characteristics. Biologists seek out bats to learn more about the creature's social habits and track their reaction to natural or human caused environmental changes. Some people track bats because they want to get rid of a pesky rodent infestation. Regardless of the motivation, having a handy device to help one spot them makes the job so much easier and less time consuming. That's where the Magenta 5 comes in quite handy.

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The entirely redesigned from the inside out Superheterodyne unit comes standard with a back lit and easy to view lcd display, making frequency readouts clearly viewable. In low lighting conditions fumbling with trying to figure out a display can be quite a hassle. Everyone has had experiences with a watch or some other compact device where it was impossible to tell what the darn thing was projecting. Higher resolution offered through the Magenta 5 resolves this issue, providing easy readouts all the time. This product is the result of many decades of experience and critical feedback from users in the field. Magenta is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. That is what sets this product apart from the competition.

In addition to providing an easy to read output screen, the Magenta 5 offers an enhanced and extended frequency range from 10 to 130 kHz. This makes it easier to detect different species of bats at various distances. Certain types of birds and insects also show up within the lower ranges for those searching out more than just bats. The extended range also makes it easier to recognize fall readings to avoid getting sidetracked. People want accuracy and dependability. This product provides what customers really want. The Magenta 5 is fast, accurate and durable. Trust the best to get the best with Magenta 5.

The compact and efficient design makes this product perfect for those long outdoor adventures that require long trips into remote locations. Weight becomes a more important factor the deeper one travels into the wilderness. Having a lightweight and durable device to save space makes this product ideal and convenient. Versatile as well, the Magenta 5 uses four triple A batteries. These can be Alkaline, NiCd or NiMH (rechargeable and friendly to the environment). Since the device is energy efficient a person can rely on long battery life regardless of format used. An oversized frequency dial and intuitive features throughout ensure a pleasant experience right out of the box. The product can be entirely operated with one hand and even comes with a wrist strap option for added security and safety.

Magenta are well established in the world of bat detectors and tech savvy users will appreciate these special details. The Heterodyne Oscillator offers easy setting of frequency and smooth tuning between 10 and 130 Khz. A large 4 digit LCD back lit display makes it easy to copy down readings for note taking purposes. The active filters provide stable noise functioning across the entire range of frequency. This means no loss of sound quality when trying to find the perfect pitch. The microphone and sound output are both filtered to stabilize sound input and output. With the included headphone socket a person can listen more quietly to avoid disturbing the sought after target. The unit also come standard with a two year guarantee against defects or malfunctions.

Because bats utilize the ultrasonic range of sounds to avoid obstacles and locate prey, bat detectors must first identify this range of sound and then convert it to a range audible to humans, usually between 100 and 12,000 kHz. The built in waterproof loudspeaker provides clear, distortion free sound. The unit can also be used with standard headphones. An additional output socket allows users to connect the unit to a separate recorder or even a PC sound card to review the input sounds at a later date. This makes it ideal for researchers in the field.

The Heterodyne principle allows for sound conversion between ultrasonic sound output, which is inaudible to humans, and ranges of sound that humans can detect. This allows for easy mixing and adjustment of different sound levels, depending on range and strength of signal. Fumbling around with additional equipment would make the experience much less enjoyable and productive. This is precisely why Magenta put the entire solution into one compact unit. The goal is simplicity and accuracy together.

Anyone preparing to set out on an adventure can first test the unit by jangling some keys, rustling a newspaper together or simply rubbing their hands. The unit's sensitivity should detect even faint sounds. This lets the user know it is working properly and ready for field work. Most species of bats utilize ultrasound at 45 Khz. If the unit is set to this frequency most species of bats should be detectable. Since the unit is compact it can easily be pointed in multiple directions quickly to detect the directionally situated ultrasonic frequency. Once a signal is detected the unit can be adjusted further to get the best signal.

Trust the Magenta 5 Bat Detector to provide the highest quality of detection and ease of use at the same time. Users will find this device invaluable and enjoyable to operate while searching out the elusive flying creature and its mysterious mannerisms.

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